About Fidelity Roof Company

With over 60 years of experience serving property owners of commercial/industrial and residential buildings and the completion of over 10,000 projects and thousands of repair and maintenance programs, Fidelity Roof Company has the experience and knowledge to solve a broad range of roofing and waterproofing problems with time proven, practical, cost effective solutions.

Fidelity’s clients are located throughout the Greater Bay Area and Northern California with projects located in Fresno, Carmel, Sonoma and Sacramento counties, and all areas in between.

Fidelity’s principals and management team collectively bring over 200 years of experience and knowledge in all aspects relating to water intrusion, incorporating alternative energy solutions into projects where possible. Additionally, we have the various license classifications which allow us to be more than just a roofing contractor – we’re a partner in improving and maintaining one of your greatest assets.

Reputation Based on Performance

Fidelity’s expectation of high-quality performance and stringent policies of “doing it right the first time” have earned us the reputation for delivering a superior product every time. We value this reputation, and are continually striving to justify that respect, trust and confidence that is placed on us by our customers.

Fidelity Roof is committed to objectively approaching your roofing and waterproofing needs with a practical and cost-effective solution. If more than one approach fits we assure that all options are presented for review.

Best commercial roofing installation roof re-roof contractors company in the Bay Area. Serving Hayward. Berkeley. San Francisco, Oakland. All locales from south to north Bay with unequaled professional expertise in roofing options. Commercial roof businesses, retail, industrial: for over 6 decades we’ve designed, engineered and installed medium-size to very large roof systems. Further, we’re very proud of our track record of projects including energy efficient and eco green engineering/installation. New roof installation is an advanced construction process for a business building, retail establishment or manufacturing plant. A project of this sophistication demands a design and installation services company team that is very knowledgeable in all the conditions (critical to lesser) that are integral to well-constructed and long-lasting roofs.

Unlike other newer companies, our team has 60 years of experience in bringing together specific systems with specific requirements. No other company meets our experience and very long legacy. As the leading SF Bay Area commercial roofing roof contractor (and for projects in all of California, south to north) we deliver not only an incredible range of experience, but holistic insight into materials costs, budgeting, maintenance issues and alternative energy or renewable energy solutions. Our retail roofing re-roof contractor services in Oakland, Berkeley, Hayward, San Francisco Bay Area, enjoy a reputation of being the best in northern California. Call us today to start a comprehensive discussion of your project.