Going Solar Made Easy

Fidelity Provides a Single Source for Solar and Roofing Installation

By choosing Fidelity, you’ll save both time and money, since one licensed roofing/solar contractor provides a single-source for your roofing needs.   Fidelity also offers a warranty for both its’ roof and solar installations.

Increase Property Values

Given current market trends, solar installations prove to increase both residential and commercial property values.  Real estate professionals agree:

  • Properties with solar energy systems have higher market value
  • Spend less time on the market than those without solar


Tax Rebates and Credits

The State of California established liberal, but complicated regulations related to solar system rebates and tax credits.  We’ll ensure you fully understand the true cost of a solar system after any rebates and related tax credits are deducted.

Why choose Fidelity Roof Company for your solar installation?

With over 60 years of quality roof installation experience, Fidelity has the experience with virtually every type of roofing application found in the U.S. We are members of and abide by the rules of, the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association).  Fidelity Roof Company has always dealt with the waterproofing of roof mounted equipment including; air conditioning, skylights, venting and solar. Our in house sheet metal division abides by all SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association) flashing details and documentation, and is second to none. Our principles have combined field experience of well over one hundred years. Our solar division is comprised of solar professionals who are dedicated and fully competent with all aspects of photovoltaic design, system sizing, and financial analysis. We also handle all of the extensive paperwork including; CSI rebate processing, PG&E interconnection agreements; building plans, and building permits. We are essentially a solar company within a roofing company with full office and field support of approximately sixty employees.


Fidelity Roof Company will warrant both your roof and solar installation in house. With eighty percent of all construction litigation stemming from water intrusion it is imperative to make sure your system is installed properly. Many of the solar industries standard mounting components DO NOT adhere to the NRCA or SMACCNA. Better questions for your solar installer would be, “How can you assure me that my installation is following the NRCA’s best practices and standards?” or “Do you know what are the best practices and standards for my particular roof?” Our solar team recently completed an installation for the Bardessono Inn and Spa, in the Napa Valley, and numerous residential installations throughout the Bay Area.

Fidelity is the all SF Bay Area commercial and residential solar power panel roof installation pros. Big business or plants, or homes. We are the top local company for expert, most experienced services. We’ve been doing all things roofs for over sixty years. So, call us and take advantage of the incredible depth of experience. We’re up to date with all the latest technologies. And if your company is anywhere in northern California our team is there on your project quickly. Call us now. We bring you super expertise in planning the best performing system, completing it on time, and keeping it within the target budget. We handle integrated solar roofing installations that marry together solar power and roof systems into the most energy-efficient and cost effective solutions for businesses, industries or other. Our team has 30+ years of solar roof building experience—we’ve been here from the start.

Solar metal roofing: we work with every system made to deliver a seamless solution for your exacting needs. If you’re looking for integrated solar power roof systems—our team is available every day to study and discuss in detail your power and engineering needs. We’ve installed large scale solar panel roofing systems for as long as the technology has been used, and we keep up with all the current developments. We know we can do the same for you. Roofing solar panels is one solution among several others available. Call us. You’ll be glad you did. In San Jose. San Francisco. Oakland. Fremont. Richmond. Alameda. Hayward. Fairfield. All locales SF Bay Area. All northern California. CA. California.