Cost-Effective Solution for Commercial Roof Past its Life Expectancy

Keysight Technologies, in Roseville, California, is a manufacturing facility housed in an 180,000-square-foot-building. The roof was approximately 23-years old and had exceeded its life expectancy. Multiple leaks were occurring at the expansion joints and corners of the building. The building had a steel deck with multiple layers of insulation and a conventional built-up roof system installed.

Old Commercial Roof Covered to Save Costs

We determined that to save costs, to protect the environment, and to allow daily operations to continue to occur, we would cover the aged roof, so it did not need to be removed.  We covered the existing roof with white fleece-back singleply roofing membrane. This met the Title 24, Part 6 of the “California Code of Regulations: California’s Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings.”

Special Considerations

In order to keep those who work in the building safe, and allow operations to continue during the week, materials had to be loaded on the weekend.

Commercial Roof Replacement Results

The commercial roof replacement took three months to complete, which was the projected timeline. The project was finished on time and on budget.

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Keysight Technologies


Roseville, California

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