Leaking Roof:  New Roof System for Retail Building

A building that houses several retail businesses in downtown Walnut Creek, California was experiencing leaks in its roof at the perimeters and projections and called upon Fidelity Roof, a San Francisco Bay Area roofing company.

The roof, which was approximately 20 years old, was a traditional built up roof membrane with aluminum roof coating applied over a plywood roof deck. The building owner had decided it was time to install a new roof system. Because active retail businesses occupy the building, it was important that the application of a new roof system be fast and efficient.


The existing roof system was swept clean of debris, any blisters or ridges were cut out or knocked down and insulation and membrane were mechanically fastened over the existing roof. Crickets were utilized to mitigate residual ponding water. CD (combustible deck) insulation was used to insure the roof assembly maintained a UL Class A fire rating. PVC membrane was chosen as a long-term solution carrying a 20-year labor and material warranty from the manufacturer.

Materials Used

Carlisle’s 60 mil Sure-Flex PVC membrane, an advanced formula, heat-weldable PVC thermoplastic membrane, designed for long-term weatherability and performance was applied over one layer of one-inch Secureshield Isocyanurate insulation (CD), a rigid roof insulation panel and then mechanically fastened into the existing plywood deck.

New treated wood nailers were installed on the parapet walls and a new membrane was applied up and over the parapets. 24 guage galvanized sheet metal coping was fabricated and installed on top of the parapets. HVAC equipment pads were covered with membrane and a protection mat. Units were strapped to curbs. New treated wood blocking and protection mats were installed under electrical conduits and condensate lines. New PVC coated metal through wall scuppers were fabricated and installed.


The roof replacement took a little over a week to complete. The businesses in the building did not have to shut down and were able to conduct business as usual. And now, with a new roof, the businesses in the building are ready for whatever rains or bad weather may come this season.


Building housing several retail businesses


Downtown Walnut Creek, California

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