We’re proud of what our customers say about Fidelity Roof Company. Here are typical comments we’ve received. If you require specific references, we’ll be glad to furnish them upon request.

“After several years of living with leaking hotel rooms (and after numerous attempts by other roofing contractors to fix them), we contacted Fidelity Roof Company. Fidelity discussed the problem with us and made a thorough visual inspection of the premises. They tested each leak location and presented findings far different from those presented by others we had contacted about this problem.

“Specifically, Fidelity concluded that most of the leaks weren’t related to our roof at all – they were coming from our windows! We’ve since retained Fidelity as our roofing partner. They developed a very sensible maintenance plan, and following their recommendations has saved us a significant amount of money.”

Large Commercial Hotel, Downtown San Francisco

“When our headquarter’s office made the decision to open five stores in California, it was my responsibility to convert five existing facilities into top condition. The roofs of these facilities were a major part of the project. I was familiar with Fidelity Roof Company for many years and knew they had the experience and know-how to provide practical, effective, cost efficient recommendations.

“Fidelity developed repair & retrofitting plans for four buildings in Southern California and one in Northern California. The severe winter the following year was a major test of Fidelity’s recommendations and their workmanship. The roofs performed extremely well at all locations.For repairs, maintenance or re-roofing I highly recommend Fidelity not only for the quality and cost effectiveness of their work, but for their uncompromising integrity and practical experience, as well.”

Asset Manager Western Operations, Large Department Store

“I was actively involved in the Bay Area construction business for more than 50 years. During that time, I participated in the construction of many major buildings in the area, and my company worked alongside Fidelity Roof Company on a great many of these projects.

“Knowing the quality of Fidelity’s work, I later called on them to re roof four of my own industrial buildings – projects involving more than 150,000 square feet.

“From first hand experience, I can tell you that Fidelity crews are the most efficient, most quality focused people in the roofing industry. It’s nice to know that, in this very specialized trade, there is a company which remains totally committed to delivering high quality at competitive prices.”

Former Owner, Bay Area Sheet Metal Company