Roofing professionals universally agree that for a roof system to perform successfully it requires good design, quality materials and proper installation. Once a roof system has been properly installed, roofing professionals also agree, nothing is more critical to long-term performance than initiating a roof maintenance plan.

Warranties Are Not the Answer

There is a common misconception among some building owners that long-term warranties are insurance policies intended to apply to virtually any roofing problem, regardless of cause or circumstance. As a result, after a new roof system that features a long-term warranty has been installed, a building owner has a natural tendency to ignore the need for preventative roof maintenance. Most roof system warranties contain specific provisions that require building owners to properly maintain the roof system during the term of the warranty or the warranty may be voided.

The intent of preventative maintenance is to enable building owners to proactively identify and implement solutions to roof system problems before they undermine the integrity of the roof. In many cases, if a problem is identified early and properly repaired, the extent and cost of repairs will be significantly less than if problems continue unattended.

An additional benefit of establishing an ongoing preventative maintenance program is that it allows for a planned, organized approach to manage the roof asset costs, as well as for responsible, timely preparation of long-term capital expenditures.

Thorough Inspections

Our preventative maintenance inspections typically consist of a thorough visual inspection of the roof system and its adjacent surfaces (e.g., walls), as well as mechanical equipment and other related components (e.g., skylights, solar panels, chimneys, overhanging trees) that may impact the roof system’s waterproof integrity. Conditions typically are recorded in writing and photographed, and the documentation is maintained in a file/database. Such records can be useful during future inspections to provide a basis for comparison of the changing roof conditions.

During our inspections, our technicians remove all debris or other materials that do not specifically belong on the roof. If repairs are necessary, routine repairs sometimes can be carried out immediately. If repairs cannot be easily made at the time of inspection, the owner will be notified via a recommendation report, so that the repairs can be implemented as soon as possible.

All maintenance/repair work performed shall be warranted on the basis that it has been installed in accordance with good roofing practices and standards set forth by the roofing industry.

Schedule Annually

The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends building owners schedule roof system maintenance inspections at the very least annually. Our recommendation may vary based on location, physical conditions, amount of foot traffic, etc.; all of which are assessed during our initial inspection.

If you are interested in obtaining an estimate for enrollment into our preventative maintenance program, please contact our Service Manager, at (510) 547-6330 ext. 321. We will be happy to assess roofing and waterproofing needs and provide you with a cost estimate based on our findings. The anticipated annual cost of our program is typically $1,500 to $3,000; however, the initial assessment will be provided free of charge.