Parc Telegraph HOA

The Parc Telegraph Condominium Complex is a 9 story building containing 282 units with a 34,000 square foot roof. The existing Modified BUR roof has a tapered roof insulation system over structural concrete.

Nestled just below and in sight of the internationally known San Francisco landmark Coit Tower, these prestigious apartments were originally built in 1989 providing a breathtaking view of the San Francisco Bay and waterfront as well as Alcatraz, Treasure Island and the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge.


The original Modified BUR roof system had deteriorated with age and some leaks were being detected. It was also critical to the homeowners association that the new roof match the original roof color and be aesthetically attractive since it was clearly visible from above to both visitors to Coit Tower as well as the surrounding neighbors. They turned to roofing consultant Richard Avelar & Associates who eventually selected Fidelity Roof Company as the roofing contractor for the project.


In addition to the visual concerns and normal re-roofing challenges, access to the roof was difficult at best. Because of the building height, stepped design at the rear of the building and limited parking space, it was determined it was not feasible to use a crane for material loading. The only available option for unloading the roofing materials was a narrow 20 foot wide alley next to the building, which had to have enough room for fire truck access at all times.

Further roof inspection revealed a post tension slab which could potentially limit the feasibility of a mechanical attachment system. In addition, given the close proximity to the Bay, concerns about moisture were also a consideration.


Per specifications, Fidelity Roof Company’s project management team utilized Duro-Last Roofing’s 50 mil tan PVC single ply roof membrane which closely matched the color of the original roof system. A pull test was done with a representative of the adhesive manufacturer on-site to determine if the existing membrane could be left in place. It was decided that a roof overlay would qualify for a warranted installation.


With the use of a crane not possible, Fidelity’s crew set up our power hoist derrick on the roof to use for material loading.

Roof System:

A layer of ¼” primed dens deck was installed over the existing roof and the Duro-Last membrane was then attached using the approved adhesive. Prior to installation, selected areas of the roof were earmarked for removal and replacement of wet insulation. Sheet metal flashings and perimeter parapet caps were removed and replaced by custom fabricated flashings which were then primed and painted to match the new membrane.


By avoiding tearing off the old roof and hauling away the debris, the project was even more cost effective for the owners than anticipated. As an added bonus, the new roof system installed is 100% recyclable

The reroof was not only completed on time and on budget, but most importantly, there were no complaints from the homeowners association about either the process or the end results… In other words, another satisfied Fidelity Roof customer.

Parc Telegraph Condominium Complex

The Parc Telegraph Condominium Complex

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