Schedule Regular Commercial Roof Inspections

Having a commercial roof inspection on a regular basis will keep your building’s roof in the best condition and will help to extend its life. It’s a good idea to schedule inspections after the coldest weather and after the hottest weather. In addition, there should be an inspection after the occurrence of any major weather event. Here are reasons why your building’s roof should be inspected at least twice a year.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Damage Roof

HVAC workers are often not trained to protect a building’s roof. When maintenance is performed on air conditioners and other systems, damage to the roof can occur if workers forget to close mechanical access panels or leave refrigerant containers behind. They may also damage the roof’s membrane by not being careful when tossing tools around. To avoid problems, consider having someone on the roof when the HVAC is being serviced. To lessen the chances of damaging the membrane, protect the HVAC unit by installing walkpads around it.

Bad Weather Can Harm Building’s Roof

High winds and drenching rain can damage your building’s roof. Commercial roofs should be inspected after a severe storm to prevent water damage, and to be sure that no debris or tree limbs have blown onto the roof and damaged it.

A leaking roof after a heavy rain may be a sign of a problem that existed before the storm. Investigating the leak by a professional roofing contractor should determine if the leak represents a serious problem that might possibly create mold, corrosion, and other deteriorating factors, or if it’s a minor problem.

Commercial Roofs Posing a Security Threat

Buildings are broken into through skylights or unlocked hatches on the roof. A regular inspection will pinpoint security breaches. If the roof hatch is old or damaged, replace it with heavy-guage and tamper-proof materials as well as adding locks and other security measures.

Roof Inspection Schedule

Creating and sticking to a schedule for roof inspections can provide important information that will save on expensive emergency repairs in the future.

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Our roof inspections are comprehensive and thorough. We record our findings in writing and photos and maintain documentation, so we have a record for comparison during future inspections. Learn more about our process for commercial roof inspections.