Commercial Roofing Insights

Warning Signs that Your Commercial Roof Needs to be Replaced

Top performing SF Bay Area commercial metal roofing systems for all scale needs.
How to Know When to Replace Your Commercial Roof There are many factors that need to be considered when determining whether it’s time to replace your commercial roof.  For starters, be sure not to wait too long to fix minor issues and problems on your building’s roof. Doing so c
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Commercial Roof Inspections Are Critical to Maintaining a Healthy Roof

Protect HVAC unit on commercial roof to avoid damage
Schedule Regular Commercial Roof Inspections Having a commercial roof inspection on a regular basis will keep your building’s roof in the best condition and will help to extend its life. It’s a good idea to schedule inspections after the coldest weather and after the hottest weather.
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Coating Helps Keep Your Commercial Roof Cool in Hot Weather

Commercial Roof maintenance coating
Many regions of California, including parts of the San Francisco Bay Area, are experiencing high temperatures this summer. During this time, coating your commercial roof can provide benefits. Commercial roof coating is a solution that is used by commercial property managers, apartment
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Picking a Contractor

Guidelines to Help Make Sure You Get the Best Roof Choosing the right contractor is easier said than done. All contractors say they’ll do a good job, all say they’ll use top grade materials, and all say they’ll provide great follow up service after the job is done. Keep in mind, howev
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Five Factors to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Roof

How to choose new commercial roof
Plan Ahead to Ensure Your Roof is the Best Fit – Whether you are in the process of choosing a commercial roofing system for a new building, or replacing your current roof, you’ll want to choose a system that protects the inside and outside of your property. What works well for o
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Preparing Your Roof for the Rainy Season

With the rainy season almost upon us it is important to prepare your roof by performing annual inspections and making the necessary repairs to ensure your roof is ready to protect your investment to its full potential. Like your car, for a roof to function at its best, it requires per
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