Roof Maintenance Tips

The life of any kind of home roof or commercial roofing system can be extended (and damage to insulation and electrical systems can be avoided) by conducting careful inspections at least twice each year. Remember that effective preventative maintenance includes not only looking for signs of weather damage and material deterioration, but also by taking proper steps to correct problems when they’re found.

Here are some visible signs which suggest that it would be a good idea to ask a roofing contractor for advice:

Stains, dampness or discoloration in a ceiling or wall

Broken, warped, dislodged, curled, split and/or missing shingles, shakes or tiles.

Shakes which crumble easily to the touch

‘Bald spots’ in a roof’s surface composition

Loose, broken, rusted or missing nails or fasteners

Broken, loose and/or rusted flashing seals

Rust, wear and/or holes in gutters and downspouts

Plugged gutters and downspouts

While it’s sometimes possible for homeowners to seal minor leaks and make incidental repairs, we caution against doing so without at least getting advice from professionals. That’s because:

  1. What’s visible to the untrained eye is often only a minor symptom of a more serious problem, and
  2. Most reputable roofing contractors will perform inspections at little or no cost. Ask everyone in the family to help keep an eye on your roof. They’ll be helping to save money, protect your property and possessions, and enhance the beauty and value of your home.