Which Is the Long-Term Solution?

The type and severity of roofing realities in homes and office buildings determine whether a roof can be repaired and maintained on the one hand or must be partially or completely replaced on the other.

The cost of a repair job versus installing a new roof or roofing system usually amounts to thousands of dollars so be sure to explore all alternatives.

Providing long term solutions is generally more cost effective than fixing short term problems.

Roof inspection should look beyond cosmetic steps such as fixing broken shingles, replacing rusted flashings, etc. Insulation, gutters and downspouts should be inspected as well.

Have inspections done by an experienced roofing professional.
A professional can tell you:

  • whether a partial replacement or repair will suffice
  • how much money you will be saving repairing instead of reroofing, how long repairs should be expected to last, and whether an existing warranty covers some or all of your costs

NOTE: Many cities and counties in the Bay Area have codes which dictate specific requirements necessary to re-roof a structure. Keep this in mind when considering your options.

Early consultation with a Fidelity Roof professional often results in a totally unexpected but totally effective solution. Many times when we’ve been asked to replace a roof, our initial inspection has shown us that relatively minor repairs can solve the problem at far less expense than a full roof replacement.