Coatings Keeping a Roof Cool

-Many regions of California, including parts of the San Francisco Bay Area, are experiencing high temperatures this summer. During this time, coating your commercial roof can provide benefits. Commercial roof coating is a solution that is used by commercial property managers, apartment managers, and many others. Here are reasons why it’s beneficial to coat a commercial roof.

Avoid High Utility Bills

If your roof does not have protection, heat will seep into the building. While running the air conditioning can help cool the building, it will result in high utility bills. However, coating the roof means the roof absorbs less heat and keeps the building cooler at a more consistent temperature. This will help to reduce the use of the air conditioner, resulting in lower utility bills for commercial buildings.

Protect the Roof

This summer, and during many summers in cities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as other parts of California, the sun is shining and temperatures are high. Those sunny days can increase the roof’s deterioration. By coating the roof, its surface will be protected from ultraviolet rays and chemical damage that can cause the roof to age prematurely. Additionally, when California weather brings rainy days, coating the roof protects it from leaks.

Convenient for Building Occupants

If your commercial building has tenants or occupants, they will not be inconvenienced and productivity will not be impacted. Coating a commercial roof does not require those working in the building to have to relocate or stop work because of dirt, noise or other issues.

More Benefits to Coat a Commercial Roof

For commercial building owners with plans to sell the building in the near future, coating the roof is not a huge expense, and it will extend the life of the roof as well as enhance its appearance. It is also cost-effective because there can be tax advantages if a specific amount of energy savings occur.

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